Full Vehicle Wrap In Matte Black and Carbon Fiber

In the early days of motorized vehicles, graphics were hand painted. Next came lettering and simple graphics cut from solid colors of vinyl. That was eclipsed by digital prints on vinyl. The most recent development is textured vinyl. This has been popular on the west coast for several years. We combined multiple types of vinyl on this full vehicle wrap.

This wrap has something for everyone. A car enthusiast will like the fact it has a high-end carbon fiber effect, custom striping and matte finish in a full wrap. We find people staring at it all the time. In fact, we spotted people taking pictures of it while driving on the freeway.

A business owner will like the attention-getting 3-D effect of the digital print and the simple, but effective advertising aspects. Best of all, we get phone calls on a regular basis from people who see it. Advertising with this style of wrap on a commercial vehicle will more than pay for itself. In fact, vehicle graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertising.

Sleek Car Wrap

This started out as plain car, like every other one on the road. Then we transformed it with a sophisticated car wrap into an advertising machine.

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Carbon Fiber With Matte Black

The difference in texture is most evident close up. The red stripe provides a nice accent and visual break. The matte surface is a rich, deep black color.

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Carbon Fiber Mirrors

This is another view of the three textures together. The image of the white stripe on the ground reflects off the high gloss graphic on the door.

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Sporty Vehicle Wrap

This wrap made a humble sedan look more sporty. Imagine what it would do for your Mustang, Challenger, Viper, Corvette, 911, M-Series, AMG, 350-Z, R8, etc!

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Clean Car Wrap Design

It is very tempting to put too much text and graphics on a vehicle wrap. We kept it simple so someone can understand the message in just a few seconds.

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Carbon Fiber Roof and Trunk

We wrapped the hood, roof, trunk and mirrors with carbon fiber. This is a look you would expect to find on a high-end sports car.

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Vehicle Lettering

The overall look of the wrap should draw attention. The message should spell out why and how someone should contact you. It needs to be very clear.

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Vehicle Window Wrap

Window wraps help you advertise on your storefront and your vehicle. It is perforated so you can see through it from the inside.

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Ideal Vehicle Ad Placement

The graphics on the sides of a vehicle are easiest to read when stopped. The rear is easy to read all of the time. Clear and concise are important.

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Conservative Styling

This wrap proves that you can have a wrap that does not involve "loud" graphics. This is important if you have more sophisticated branding.

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More Choices

The matte and carbon fiber finishes come in a variety of colors. There is also a brushed metal texture that is very sharp.

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Easy to Maintain

Textured finishes require no waxing. We recommend you wash them regularly with common dishwashing detergent, water and a soft cloth.

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Complementary Wrap Design

A great vehicle wrap design will play off the details of the vehicle design. The body lines, curves, lights, etc. are important considerations.

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24/7 Sales Rep

Good vehicle graphics will promote your business while parked in front of your office, meeting with your customers, going to lunch and driving around town.

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Your Wrap Awaits You

Whether you are a business owner or a high-end car enthusiast, we are ready to design, produce and install an impressive custom wrap on your vehicle.

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