Office Park Sign Package - 3100

This property was looking a little dated. The owners wanted to create a fresh, new look to help draw more upscale tenants. They also wanted something that would look current for years to come. The people tasked with this project sought our help based on recommendations from other large property management companies we helped with similar projects.

We started with a new, modern logo and created the look you see in the pictures below. We added directional signs to help visitors find their way in and out of the park. Finally, we devised an approach that would save the owner a considerable amount of money.

Building Complex Monument SignOffice Complex Monument Sign

Office Park Monument

This is a new sign we placed at the corner of property, along the main road. The colors fit nicely with the landscaping, the building and the reflection off the glass.
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Building Complex Entrance SignOffice Complex Entrance Sign

Office Park Entrance Sign

This sign looks good at the main entrance, even with a darker backdrop behind it and different landscaping in front of it. This design draws the eye quickly and looks upscale.
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Building Complex Street SignOffice Complex Street Sign

Office Park Street Sign

This is a close-up view of the entrance monument sign. Note the dimensional effect of the logo. The hand swirled texture will look even better as it ages.

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Building Complex Roadside SignOffice Complex Roadside Sign

Office Park Roadside Sign

This is another close-up view of the entrance monument. The sign is right at eye level with passing vehicles. The colors are bright and have good contrast between them. The name and address are easy to read.
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Building Complex Building SignOffice Complex Building Sign

Office Building Monument Sign

The color of the original building sign matched the building and created an image that was too dark and dated. The new sign brightened up the appearance in a complementary manner. The address was added to the end to make it easy to spot from an intersecting street.
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Building Complex Directional and Building SignsOffice Complex Directional and Building Signs

Directional and Building Signs

This office park is laid out like an amphitheater instead of a traditional grid pattern. Visitors got lost easily. We studied the traffic flow to determine the best places to put the right directions for wayfinding. Locating them on stop signs made the most sense.
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Building Complex Traffice and Building SignsOffice Complex Traffic and Building Signs

Traffic and Building Signs

The traffic sign has a DOT approved stop sign and directions to the various buildings and the exit. the building sign has a style similar to the others but different dimensions.
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Building Complex Directional SignOffice Complex Directional Sign

Office Park Directional Sign

This sign has the same style as the others. The DOT approved stop sign is accompanied by directions to the main road from this side entrance.

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Building Complex Leasing Office SignOffice Complex Leasing Office Sign

Office Park Leasing Office Sign

This is an internal directional sign indicating the location of the leasing and property manager's offices.

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