David Helps Goliath - The Sharp Truck Wrap Story

Large companies strive for consistency in their branding. We appreciate the importance of consistency but also look for opportunities to offer ideas for improvements when the circumstances are right. Such an opportunity presented itself with an effort to rebrand a fleet of trucks for an international company.

We had the great privilege to assist Orange Lable Art + Advertising with rebranding DocuTeam to Sharp Business Systems. This division of Sharp sells and supports the latest technology for document management. Like other national and international companies, they have very specific guidelines for presenting their brand. The company's large delivery trucks required new graphics. Their standard branding for box trucks involved their logo, tag line and phone number, all in red and black on a white background. From an advertising potential perspective, we thought they were missing a huge opportunity.

Example of a corporate standard for truck wrap artwork

We discussed this with Colleen Haberman of Orange Label, to see if she liked the idea and could convince the people in a position of influence at Sharp to consider an enhanced version of their standard truck graphics. Colleen was successful in her lobbying efforts. We researched Sharp's brand to identify what makes them notable and sets them apart from their competitors. Then we set out to determine how we could communicate this while remaining subtle enough to not stray too far from their existing branding.

Example of an enhancement to box truck wrap artwork

After a number of revisions with Colleen and Sharp, we landed on a great design. From a context perspective, the name appears to cast a glow onto the globe. This signifies adding value with a global reach. There is a subtle grid in the background that signifies digital technology from Sharp that extends to the world. From a visual perspective, the artwork is more eye-catching. More people will notice it, look at it longer and remember the name and contact information.

Attract more business with a well-designed box truck wrap

Sharp loved the design! The local team was ecstatic with the trucks after we wrapped them. Other Sharp offices were smitten with envy when they saw the pictures. The fleet manager commented on the high quality of the truck wrap material and installation. Read what Colleen had to say about us:

"Compelling Signs is creative, professional and they deliver what they say they can deliver. They spent quality time with me finding out what we were looking for, how we work and what we expect in terms of meeting our objectives. Over the course of the jobs they have done for me, the Compelling Signs staff has proved themselves beyond my expectations. I would recommend them unconditionally. Many thanks to Mike and his team and I look forward to a continued partnership."

–Colleen Haberman, National Director Special Projects

Whether you are an international Goliath or a small business wanting to take on a larger share of the market, we can help you be more effective with your advertising. And if you are ready to get started, call us today at 678-580-2452 or send a message to us.

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